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Testimonials from clients

  • "I've had a year’s worth of coaching with Jessica and have undergone a real transformation as a result. I initially intended for these sessions to help me perform better in auditions and high pressure concerts, but they ended up taking me far beyond that goal - making me able to let go of some harmful beliefs and improve my mental health and confidence."
  • "Jessica encouraged me not to ignore the anxiety that I felt when playing but to acknowledge it, and from there be able to use it productively instead of it affecting me in a negative way. As someone who has used her coaching techniques in her own playing career, her suggestions are tried and tested and that gave me the confidence to trust her from the beginning."
  • "I can’t thank you enough for your calming, clarifying, supportive session."

What people who attended my workshops say

  • "That exam was the first I’ve done where I felt calm and I didn’t spend the whole time fighting against nerves. I left the room really content and happy with how I played."
  • "After doing the Inner Concert Hall exercise, I felt ready to stand up and perform a confident recital - my thoughts were clear and focused."
  • "At first I thought 3 hours would seem like a really long time, but it flew by and everything was so interesting and relevant."
  • "It's really weird how in the space of 3 hours I've gone through the motions of a performance twice, without even getting my clarinet out, but by simply writing things down on a piece of paper."
  • "The highlight for me was the "killer" questions which made me really think about aspects of performance."
  • "The space felt safe and comfortable to talk in, and you were taken seriously, whilst joking."
  • "Actually talking about how I feel and how I WANT to feel, in a supportive environment."
  • "Everyone should attend - VERY revealing, clarifying and engaging."
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