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Coaching for the Creative Arts

Jessica Mogridge is co-director of Coaching for the Creative Arts alongside fellow musician and business coach Lucy Hare. Drawing on a wealth of experience working in the creative arts, we have created the Foundation Coaching Skills course, set up to facilitate better communication, collaboration and creativity for those working in the arts. The course content enables managers, leaders and creative teams to have deeper conversations, more effective collaborations, and exciting new levels of creative output.

The Course Covers:

  • Listening skills – how to listen so that others feel heard and valued.
  • Questioning skills - how to ask questions that get beneath the surface to create rich conversations.
  • Future planning using creative coaching processes.
  • Ways of working to better understand yourself and those who work alongside you.
  • Examining what matters most to you, to increase motivation and satisfaction of individuals and their teams.
  • Understanding psychological self-care when working in difficult situations and environments.

The Course Comprises:

  • 12 hours tutoring split into 4 sessions, run either online or in person.
  • A one to one personalised coaching session.
  • Printable resource pack and course reading list.

On completion of the course you will benefit from:

  • Certificate of 12 hours professional development.
  • Access to the Coaching Hub (see below).
  • Reduced cost coaching sessions for one year from the start of your course.

If you are interested in signing up please contact us HERE. We can answer any questions and discuss whether the course is suitable for you. We can also give you costs and next available dates.

Lucy and Jessica
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The Coaching Hub

The Coaching Hub is a monthly drop-in group specifically for those who have completed the Foundation Coaching Skills course. It is a 90 minute session for participants to bring questions and experiences to discuss with the group, and gain support or new insights. There will usually be a taught element where we introduce a new coaching tool or psychological process for you to take away and add to your toolkit.

Details of dates and cost will be sent out on completion of the course.

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“One of the things that had the most impact on me was my awareness of when I’m listening properly. I’m using this in my teaching already and have had one difficult little boy begin to engage”