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Chris Rawley

"Jessica did a fantastic job at making me feel positive and confident about my upcoming audition. By mixing humour with a well thought out method I now feel excited about an experience that initially terrified me. I feel totally supported by Jessica and feel she has enabled me to get the best out of myself using a few clear, simple and practical techniques. My preparation for my audition has been transformed and I now feel that I am achieving more positive results in a shorter space of time."

Julian West Oboist/ Creative Leader

"Jessica's calm and insightful work has given me the opportunity to examine various different areas of my life, and to re-evaluate my beliefs about myself. The sessions I have had with her have enabled me to make new choices for myself about my priorities, both in terms of my career and in my personal life."

Jon Jacob, BBC

"…attentive listener, riveted detachment and incisive questions, reflected in the fact that at no point did I question the idea of standing in a road in the drizzle imagining my boss stood in front of me." -See Jon on Twitter

Ruth Davies, RLPO

"Jess has proved to be an invaluable support. I feel that she has an empathy and insight into my own, particular situation. Her guidance has proved invaluable as she gives practical support, almost like having a script or tool kit. I only wish I had found her sooner!"

Rebecca Whitehouse, student

"Preparing for my diploma was a daunting prospect, as all I knew was that I wanted to get a pass, but I was stuck as to how I should approach the preparation for it. Jessica helped me to work out what I needed to do in order to feel confident about it, by helping me organise and write down all that needed to be done. This proved to be extremely useful, as I had an efficient timetable that was designed around each day so nothing was missed. As well as practical preparation, discussion of the various outcomes and how to deal with it if it didn't go the way I wanted it to, helped to put me in a more positive frame of mind. By the day of my diploma, I knew I had done all that I could and I was confident that the worries I first had such as my stamina lasting, were no longer worries, and I actually enjoyed the entire performance!"

READY STEADY PERFORM! - how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

What participants have said…

  • "A thoroughly useful, practical workshop, focused on achieving definite positive results. Jess provided a clear sense of direction and purpose but with a lightness of touch and good humour."
  • "The workshop left me feeling that help is at hand in an area of my musical life which I’ve struggled with for many years."
  • "Kind positive energy and and professionalism added much to the occasion."
  • "Jessica has a wealth of experience performing at the highest level in the music profession. She brings this experience to her coaching and her knowledge of how performers tick. I have found discussions with her to be incredibly beneficial in helping me perform at my best."
  • "The smiley tool section was the most enlightening part as I was actually able to feel the emotions now that I will feel before/ during/ after a performance."
  • "The “if you knew” task was very useful for thinking differently and seeing how to approach things differently."
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